What are the advantages of shade sails compared to other shade products?

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In the 21st century, people's aesthetic needs are growing stronger. They are no longer just pursuing a simple "shadowing, sleeping in bed", and the aesthetic requirements for all aspects of home furnishings are getting higher and higher. The cumbersome, single-style umbrellas and awnings are gradually abandoned by people, replaced by light, dignified and atmospheric shade sails.
The shade sails can be regular rectangles, square shapes, or triangular shapes. They can be bright red, bright yellow, green or deep blue, or other combinations. With the different mounting heights, simple shapes and colors exude modern aesthetic appeal.

Of course, in addition to the aesthetic advantages, the reason why the shade sail can be widely used in contemporary architecture (garden scenic spots, commercial residences, etc.) and home improvement is also inseparable from its technical advantages. First, the shade sail can block 90%-95% of the UV rays. This is no way for parasols and awnings to do. Although modern people are no longer blindly pursuing "white skin and beautiful appearance", there are still many fans who hold the view that "one white covers three ugliness and one fat destroys all". Moreover, the summer weather is hot, the outdoor temperature is nearly forty degrees, and unobstructed exposure is also detrimental to people's health. The shade sail can help people manage the sun and shade rate, and its breathability does not block the circulation of air and bring a feeling of sultry heat. While helping people to shade, they will not deprive people of the opportunity to get close to nature.
The second major advantage of shade sails is their recyclability, which is in line with today's environmental trends. Today, all kinds of pollution are becoming more and more serious. At home decoration and garden construction, environmental protection is increasingly emphasized, and environmental protection is a must for all industries in the future. After the general parasols and awnings are subjected to wind and sun, rain and snow, the service life is relatively short. However, the shade sail has good breathability and toughness, is very durable and has a much longer service life.

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